TILL SIEBENVIER /// BASS: He’s an animal playing the bass. Almost like a lead guitarist, Till steals the show from everybody and goes wild on the stage, his sound nothing but pure rock and roll. With years of band and stage experience on his back, he’s well prepared and shows lots of confidence and rockstar attitude. Always reliable and forcing, he lays out the groundwork for our songs and the rest of us in the harmony section, his technical excellence stemming from his time at the Hamburg School Of Music.

TORBEN ULRICH /// DRUMS: I could tell you all about how crazy good Torben is at the drums, but you’ll have to experience it yourself. Technically precise and soulful, but drifty and explosive in just the right moments, he’s our backbone and always keeps us together without producing nonsensical noise. He’s also our analyst and proves again and again that he’s knowledgeable and able when it comes to arrangements and songwriting. Torben also graduated from the School Of Music.

MAX HANDWERK /// ELECTRIC GUITAR: Max is one of those guitar players, who has so much fun and energy doing what he does, you can’t help but feel and hear it. From our very first band practice on, he’s always been enthusiastic and excited and inspires us relentlessly. He loves loud, distorted sounds and riffs a lá AC/DC and ZZ Top and is great at soloing and improvising. He’s also quite the good singer and supports me with harmonic backing vocals. Always good for a surprise and never shy of a joke, he completes our quartette.